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I’m Keelan and I am currently the household CEO of the GingerSquad! My passions include raising our 3 red-headed boys, jumping out of bed with the first tone of the alarm, attacking each day with purpose, excitement and a positive attitude! I love all outdoor activities, including a monthly dip into West Grand Traverse Bay. Even during a polar vortex (which will be much more tolerable with a sauna in tow!)

My appreciation of saunas started when I travelled the world as I served in the Army. Whether I was in South Korea, Europe or Alaska there was always a presence of some type of hot bathhouse, or what I now compare to a sauna. For many of these cultures it seemed a “hot bath” was very much engrained as an essential daily activity to provide wellness, relaxation and a sense of community.

So how did this barrel sauna (pronounced Sow-na) become a passion of mine? Well, you betcha, I married a Yooper! My wife grew up in the UP with a dad who was born to Finnish immigrants. Meri’s family had a barrel sauna at their cottage, which was in constant use. It didn’t matter if it was the middle of a hot summer day or during a snowstorm, some of her favorite memories were times spent in the sauna with family and friends. So I have to agree.

There’s just something about the cycle of getting intolerably hot and rushing to the lake for a plunge or getting the courage to make a full snow angel in the dead of winter or just a bucket of cold water over your head. This sauna experience will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for the best night of sleep! These are the traditions of a sauna that we aim to share with this Northern Michigan community.

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