Testimonials From Our Customers

"The whole experience was incredible and low effort for such a high payoff. Keelan was helpful and the sauna was amazing and easy to use. We all felt revitalized from it. Couldn’t recommend more."

- Jessica Ryan

"Absolutely fantastic! Everything about the rental and sauna experience was exceptional. Keelan delivers a spotless wood fired sauna right to your house, sets up the entire operation and brings everything, including the wood. He gave us a brief history of sauna culture and recommendations for maximizing the benefits and enjoyment. For a couple of busy working parents, the sauna created an invaluable opportunity to reconnect in a bubble of peace and mindfulness. It was not just enjoyable, but unexpectedly meaningful. Keelan we’ll be booking again. Thanks for delivering something so special and making the experience so easy!"

- J. Rundio

"Excellent experience. Delivery and pickup was a cinch. Refreshed my fire building skills to keep a good fire going in the wood-burning stove—more fun than an electric heater in a sauna! "

- Daniel James

"I cannot recommend this place enough. Sauna delivery was perfectly dialed... right before a snow storm. It was fully setup and ready to go when I got home. Being inside, smelling cedar, enjoying the peaceful crackle of the stove, and the soaking in the warmth as the snow fell was incredible. Can't wait to do this again soon."

- Maggie Gardner

"This was so much fun, and we miss having the sauna already! The whole family loved the sauna, and it was a perfect way to get outside and enjoy a good sweat. We had some cold temps, so the heat was nice! Everything was spotless, and Keelan made the whole experience really excellent from start to finish. This is a must-do for winter, and we’ll be renting again for sure! "

- Blake Bernard

"Wonderful experience. Excellent service. We thoroughly enjoyed the sauna. "

- Kristine Hastings

"The Sauna was great. Logistics were seamless, and our family really enjoyed using this for the weekend, especially once we had some snow on Friday night. It gave us a fun, outdoor, family activity when we'd usually be holed up inside waiting for ski season to start. Will definitely rent again. Just a positive experience all around. "

- Matthew Boyd Bulloch

"Oh man, this service RULES! The sauna was pristine and easy-to-use, the wood supply was dry and ample, and Keelan was an enthusiastic proponent of the joys of "sauna-ing." There's nothing like a hot sweat after a cold day! I recommend Traverse City Sauna Rental absolutely without reservation. "

- Pete Kirkwood

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